Lake Kiowa Front Gate Welcome To Lake Kiowa for Summer of 2015. You may not be aware but some things have changed that may effect you using the facilities here at the Lodge. We have also updated some phone numbers and fishing information for you for the upcoming summer. Enjoy your Lake Kiowa Summer!

There are several areas of the Lodge where we have financially supported a “revitalization” effort and we wanted to make you  aware of those as well. The purchase of a popcorn machine in the 19th  Hole, a remodel and upgrade of the look of the bar in the 19th Hole, the purchase of new bar stools in the 19th Hole, and finally, the financial support toward the  purchase  of  golf  pictures  on  the wall in the dining room of the Lodge.

New Lodge Hours

  • Sunday      - 8 - 9:30
  • Monday     - Closed
  • Tuesday    - 11 - 9:30
  • Wednesday - 11 - 9:30
  • Thursday   - 11 - 9:30
  • Friday        - 11 - 10:30
  • Saturday   - 11 - 10:30

Important Phone Numbers

  • Front Gate/Security                - 665-3221
  • L.K. Special Utility District       - 668-8391
  • Lake Kiowa Lodge & Tavern   - 665-3741
  • Lake Kiowa POA Office           - 665-1055
  • Lake Kiowa Pro Shop             - 668-7394
  • Lake Kiowa Communique       - 665-4275
  • For Emergencies                   - DIAL 911

2015 Lake Kiowa Fishing Limits


The Fisheries Biologist and Lake Management Consultant made the following fishing limit recommendations. These recommendations have been given careful consideration to keep a thriving ecological habitat for Lake Kiowa. The Angler & Conservation Club has fully endorsed the following fishing guidelines for Lake Kiowa:

  • Hybrid Striper: Catch and Release
  • Black Bass: Keep Black Bass between 10-15 inches; 5 per day, Per Person. Release all other Black Bass under 10 inches and over 15 inches.
  • Crappie: Keep over 10 inches; 30 per day, Per Person. Release all under 10 inches.
  • White Bass: Otherwise known as Sand Bass. No Limit. Remove all you can.
  • Perch:  No Limit.
  • Channel Catfish: Keep fish over 14 inches; No Limit.
  • Release all under 14 inches.
  • Drum:  No Limit. Remove any caught from lake.
  • Carp: Grass Carp have been intentionally introduced to the lake to help manage excessive grass and weed growth.
    Do not  remove any caught from lake.


Dock owners are encouraged to provide cover for the fish under your docks. Make sure the trees are securely anchored so as not to interfere with boat traffic. Feed the fish! Dry dog food or pellets especially made for the fish are readily available at feed stores. For questions, feel free to contact Mike Bitsche for specifics.