Lake Kiowa Special Utilities District New Website

Lake Kiowa Special Utility District Website

Lake Kiowa Special Utility District - Committed to Providing Clean, Safe Water for All of Lake Kiowa

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Here at Lake Kiowa Realty we want to welcome you to the Official Website of Lake Kiowa Special Utility District in Lake Kiowa, TX launched on June 28, 2016! The Lake Kiowa Special Utilities District is the main provider of your water, we invite you to come to the new website and find out all the information now available to you on a regular basis.

The Mission is clear, Lake Kiowa Special Utility District will provide dependable water service that consistently meets or exceeds TCEQ water quality standards.  Services will be delivered at a fair and reasonable price that reflects the cost of producing, testing, storing, and distributing this precious treasure. It is our goal to always treat our customers equally with respect and honesty. We encourage you to be sure to find out more information by please gooing to and take a look at the new website and register for all Lake Kiowa updates.

As stated on the home page, the LKSUD is currently in the process of installing new meters as shown above to assist in creating a fixed based reading system. Once all the meters are changed out and the fixed based system is completed, we will be able to receive daily notifications of high usage on meters that will assist us in notifying our customers that they might have a possible leak. There also will be a customer login where each customer will be able to setup an account to monitor their own usage. We will notify customers when this is available.

Stay tuned here to the latest alerts from your water utility. Remember to Subscribe to have News & Notices, and Alerts delivered via email or text!  Just another way we are working to better serve our community.