Be A Better Patio Gardener!

Enjoy hanging plants patio potsLake Kiowa Realty invites you our homeowners here at Lake Kiowa get back to basics this year. Please do begin searching for the right plants for the hot Texas summer in your patio pots and hanging baskets. Consider new colors and designs for your plant choices, so as to not overlook some helpful tips that will keep you a veteran gardener. We believe that planting beautiful plants for your patio, hanging baskets, front entry, poolside flower beds and outdoor kitchens should be fun. Why not get the whole family involved.

Enjoy Life At Lake Kiowa

Great Planting Tips:

You may want to begin with using quality containers. There are many varieties of terra cotta as well as faux terra cotta. New concrete and georgeous glazed ceramic shapes and sizes are available for every taste and every need. Before you buy, color schema and textures that will be complementary to your setting and accent colors used for you home, chair pads, and pillows should set your visual goals.Terra cotta and concrete pots are still the standard to go by, just make sure they have proper construction for maximum drainage from the base of the container.

Use quality potting soil. Neil Sperry always recommends this ratio for typical North Texas Locations:

  • 50 percent (by volume) sphagnum peat moss
  • 25 percent finely ground pine bark mulch
  • 15 percent horticultural perlite
  • 10 percent expanded shale

This ratio is for pots. For hanging baskets, he says you may want to reduce expanded shale to 5 percent and increase perlite to 20 percent.

Remember to select the perfect spot for maximum exposure in any of the settings you are planting for. Entryways, locations around the pool, curved driveways, or on patios and surrounding flower beds are all great summertime landscape options. Regional nursery locations have the best selections to choose from and are very plentiful right now.

It's ok to have several groupings of pots to draw the eye to a particular location for maximum impact. Using complementary colors with existing themes is often a fun shopping trip to be sure. See any color wheel for making your final decisions.Raising planters off the soil with bricks or small blocks, will insure proper drainage and will really help keeping plant roots from growing out of the drain holes into the soil.

Be sure to size your plants for the containers you have. Texture and color of both the plant and the pot will be your best bet. Mixtures of various types of plants can be very beautiful too and will definitely make a visual impact wherever you place them. Keep plants together with the lighting they desire in order to thrive. Don't put sun lovers in the shade, and shade lovers in the sun.

Main vertical plants in the center and surrounding plants that paint a beautiful picture in your favorite pot means enjoyment every time you see your work. Regular grooming of all your plants will help keep them compact and handsome. Pinch out the erratic shoots, also try to keep helping with side-branching. Removal of all yellow leaves is a must, and be sure to keep voids in large pots with a new plant or two as needed.

Always apply a timed-release plant food as directed. Most of these will last about two thirds of the time they claim on the label. Summer heat will make a big difference here in Texas. Be sure you monitor the sizes of the plants and frequency of blooms as well. If growth slows or stops then you may need to feed more often. Keep those plants thriving. Supplement the timed-release fertilizers with a diluted, water-soluble food each time that you water insures beauty all summer. This will act as a booster shot, and the results are remarkable.

Maximum beauty for all your plants means keeping your plants properly watered. It is easy to spot how they look just as they just begin to turn dry. Water immediately. Nothing ruins the good looks of patio pots and baskets faster than letting them wilt badly.

Now that you know what you want on your favorite patio or front entry, get out there and plant. Why not involve the family and have a BBQ after. Happy Planting Lake Kiowa Community!