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Getting Up To Speed On The Course - Welcome to the X9 Follow

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It's been said that the world's best electric and push golf carts are built by hand. Drum roll please - The manufacturer is Stewart Golf at their headquarters in Great Britain. Award winning flagship X9 Follow product lines are also taking the courses by storm all over the world. Featuring revolutionary Follow Technology, these spectacular state of the art golf carts are transforming customer's rounds all over the globe.

What makes this golf cart so special and the most talked about technology on the golf course? The X9 Follow is a beautifully crafted electric golf cart that lets you choose how to control it: manually; remote control from the compact handset; or by turning on Follow mode and keeping it two paces behind you wherever you go on the course. That's right, and there's more...the company is always making it better year after year.

Invented, designed and handbuilt by skilled engineers in Great Britain, the X9 Follow lets you focus on your game, not your gear and gives you the best chance of playing your best golf. Designed and handbuilt in Great Britain in their new 10,000 sq. ft. factory with ongoing continuous improvement and development with you in mind.

Special Features About Stewart Golf X9:

All new golf carts come with a two year warranty.
Fast Courier Delivery
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Handbuilt in Great Britain
2 Year Warranty
Patented Follow Technology
50m Remote Control Range
Bluetooth Communication
Rechargeable Lithium Handset
Complete Remote Functionality
Downhill Braking
Integrated Stabiliser
Iconic Stewart Golf Design
Handbuilt in Great Britain

Remember The Stewart Golf X9 Follow is widely regarded as the world's finest golf cart. While this article is just for fun, the tech behind it is real, and celebrated around the world by the world's finest golfers. If you have never been to a PGA Tournament, or played on a course overseas, have fun in checking out this fabulous product line by Stewart Golf. Have fun today on the course here at Lake Kiowa. Dream Machines are why Stewart Golf has the golf carts, golf bags, golf accessories, and spare parts markets just for the asking.

Remember that on Thursday mornings Brown McCrory, our golf pro, conducts a team event for all men showing up before the cutoff time with a draw for A,B,C,D players - $5 entry. Brown McCrory – PGA Professional and proprietor of the Pro Shop at Lake Kiowa can be reached at (940) 668-7394 Shop.  If you have any questions about upcoming golf activities here at the Lake, please give him a call.